A project dedicated to funding, launching, growing & selling D2C ecommerce (Amazon FBA) brands

I learned more about business from this project than I did studying Business Management at the University of Leeds. I also walked away with £8107 after 6 months which went into launching my current business. Today I work for myself fulltime.


We fund product ideas from our unique partners around the globe and turn them into thriving D2C Amazon FBA brands.

Online shopping shows no signs of slowing down and Amazon, the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world with over 300 million active users worldwide and over $340 billion in sales in 2022 is a perfect place to grow a brand.


We integrate these brands into a successful model that sparks competitive profits, growth and customer loyalty at scale.

Amazon’s FBA program enables us to effortlessly scale each brand we launch even in new markets outside the United States without having to worry about storage space, logistics return processing, customer support and staff since Amazon handles all of that.

Sale (Exit)

We sell these brands 3-8 months after gaining sustainable traction to entrepreneurs commited to growing the brand

We cater to entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in buying already established ecommerce brands without breaking the bank. Selling an Amazon FBA brand is as easy as signing the sale contract and changing a few details on the account to notify Amazon about the change of ownership.

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Project intro

Why we work with partners

We sell ecommerce brands to ambitious entrepreneurs interested in buying profitable and fully-functioning DTC ecommerce brands without breaking the bank or competing with ecommerce aggregators flushed with cash. We realised we can’t simply create 1000 stores and sell it to 1000 entreprenuers as it may lead to concerns about conflict of interest and quality.

We decided to take a unique approach us to scale our business model without compromising the integrity of our portfolio. This partners involves working with partners selected from an application pool of parties interested in the EBrandProject. In other words, we will rather fund 1000 ambitious entrepreneurs to launch 1000 unique and high quality brands through this project.

Our partners enable us to reach new markets outside the United States and play an important role in ensuring each brand we sell is unique from the others in our portfolio.

Partners earn an equity in each brand they help us to launch which entitiles them to an equivalent cut from the proceeds of the sale of the brand. They are also rewarded for tasks such as completing the ecommerce training and generating product ideas.

No e-commerce experience is required to be a partner, but they have to be computer literate and be ready to dedicate up to 7 hours a week on this project, especially at the initial 2 months. We have a lifetime project limit of 2 for each partner.

Skil-Development Solutions

Free ecommerce training

Partnering with us by joining our ecommerce project gives you access to our free ecommerce training, which fast tracks your ecommerce skills from begginer to intemediate/advanced.You’ll be assigned a dedicated ecommerce agent to work with you towards generating product ideas, ensuring complaince with local and international laws, advertising products and more.


Unlimited earning potential

Partners earn an equity in each brand they help us to launch and are rewarded for tasks such as generating product ideas and completing courses. Our top partners in 2023 earned $31,322.7 with a total project work time of 196 hours.


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About Us

Who we are

We are in the business of selling e-commerce brands.

Our mission is to support ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs to create profitable and sustainable ecommerce brands quickly and successfully.

We are in an industry filled with e-commerce aggregators flushed with investor funding running into hundreds of millions of dollars. This makes it challenging to discover e-commerce brands that are priced below market value or at market value, as it is a game of who has the most capital and is willing to outbid the rest, making it hard for smaller investors looking to buy or invest in successful ecommerce brands to participate.

Noticing a gap in the market, we used our limited funds to attempt to fill it in a way that allows us to expand our store inventory and move into new markets without compromising the integrity of our products (i.e. not duplicating products across brands or using the same founders for multiple brands since that could be seen as a conflict of interest).

We team up with partners from across the globe to make sure that each store we offer is distinct from the rest. Each partner earns a reward at different stages of the project, including after the sale of the store. They also gain access to our in-depth free A-Z course on ecommerce. This ensures they have the skills and some funds to run their own successful ecommerce store with full ownership after the project.

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