A project dedicated to funding, launching, growing & selling D2C ecommerce (Amazon FBA) brands

I learned more about business from this project than I studied at the University of Leeds. I also walked away with about $8100 after 7 months, which went into launching my current business. Today I work for myself full-time.


We fund product ideas from our unique partners around the globe and turn them into thriving D2C Amazon FBA brands.

Online shopping shows no signs of slowing down and Amazon, the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world with over 300 million active users worldwide and over $340 billion in sales in 2022, is a perfect place to grow a brand.


We integrate these brands into a successful model that sparks competitive profits, growth and customer loyalty at scale.

Amazon’s FBA program allows us to scale each brand we launch, even in new markets outside the United States, without having to worry about storage space, return processing logistics, customer support, and staff, as Amazon handles all of that.

Sale (Exit)

We sell these brands 4-16 months after gaining sustainable traction to entrepreneurs commited to growing the brand.

We cater to small-scale entrepreneurs interested in buying already established Amazon brands without going broke. Selling an Amazon FBA brand is as easy as signing the sale contract and changing a few details on the account to notify Amazon about the change of ownership.

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Why we work with partners

Besides recruiting, training, and guiding partners towards our project objectives, we also provide full funding to our partners for every step of the process, from ideation to product launch on Amazon.

Partners play a crucial role in our business model, ensuring that each store we sell has its own unique identity and allowing us to expand into foreign markets. We would rather train, mentor, and fund 1000 ambitious individuals (aspiring entrepreneurs) to launch 1000 unique and high-quality Amazon brands through this project, rather than using a team of 50 to launch 1000 brands through our organization, which could create a conflict of interest and potentially lower the quality of the brands we sell.

Skil-Development Solutions

Free ecommerce training

Joining our ecommerce project gives partners access to free Amazon seller training, which fast tracks your Amazon selling skills from beginner to intermediate/advanced. Partners work closely with an ecommerce agent to generate product ideas, ensure compliance, and meet project objectives.


Unlimited earning potential

In exchange for their contributions in launching brands, partners earn equity and receive rewards for tasks, such as generating product ideas and completing courses. Partners can expect to earn anywhere from $1870-$66,200 within 4-16 months, with a total work time of 27-195 hours.


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About Us

Who we are

We are in the business of growing and selling e-commerce brands, more specifically Amazon FBA brands.

We support ambitious entrepreneurs by creating affordable, profitable and sustainable ecommerce brands quickly and successfully.

We are in an industry filled with ecommerce aggregators backed with investor funding running into billions of dollars. This makes them capable of making mouth-watering offers to buy successful Amazon FBA businesses and makes it harder for smaller buyers to compete.
Recognizing an opportunity in the market, we undertook a mission to address it, enabling us to broaden our product range and enter new markets while maintaining the quality of our offerings. We accomplish this by engaging in partnerships with independent stakeholders from across the globe to establish and grow profitable Amazon FBA brands we aspire to sell.

Amazon’s global reach and fulfillment program (FBA) eliminates the hassle of shipping products, processing returns, and dealing with customer queries. Amazon takes care of all these tasks, allowing us to scale effortlessly in new markets outside the United States. We don’t have to worry about storage space, staff, or other logistics. FBA also enables a smooth transfer of assets after selling the brand.

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